Who we are

Contour Safaris tours and travel is a Ugandan fully licensed, insured and locally owned company founded by two vibrant and passionate Ugandans Joseph Ogwang and Ibrahimovic Nyombi.
We are a unique tour operator committed to providing tailor made and customized ecofriendly epic African Wildlife safaris, Gorilla tours, Community Based tours, Eco tours, Cultural tours, Volunteer opportunities, Luxury and Adventurous tours, safaris and experiences in the heart of East Africa.

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Through our specially tailored safaris and customized tours, it is much more than just simply touring. We try as much as possible to get you bonded with nature, the people and culture in the various places where we take you thus creating fascinating, unforgettable safari memories.

Not only is it more cost effective for you to book with us (an on ground operator), you are also supporting the local economy and business owners. Unlike many operators, we assure you of being fully looked after by Contour Safaris employees as we never outsource our clients to other companies. Contour Safaris (CS) also helps you make positive contributions to conservation and livelihoods of local communities while on holiday to achieve sustainable tourism, community development and to make the world a better place for all of us. We are fully committed to responsible tourism and community development.


To provide high quality tours and services all over Uganda and other tourism sites of east Africa. Tailor made tour packages have been put in place in order to meet the desires of our guests ‘s needs and budget as well as pre designed set departure group tour. And this does not limit our client’s option as they can still draw their personal packages with the help of our fully skilled tour leaders


To develop an indigenously owned tour company with the heart of making partnership and connection that will help us to work hand in hand with the different east African tourist destination countries Contour safaris intends to provide flexible service to its guests, customers and promote east Africa’s outlook as the biggest tourism destination in the whole world Contour safaris is committed to the conservation of Uganda’s natural and cultural reserves and the company is fully supportive to local tourism initiatives and social, economical activities in Uganda and other parts of East Africa
NB Contour means the lines on the map that joins points of equal heights in the way that shows high and low areas of land.
Therefore here at contour safaris we take you where those lines are as well as exploring different destination of wilderness by yourself


The company works hand in hand with the Ugandan government, the Uganda wildlife authority and the association of Uganda tour operators in order to improve on its service flexibility and consistency


The company has Toyota land cruisers which are 4WD and they have pop up roofs for game viewing. We try to limit the numbers of people in one vehicle to around 5 to 6 passengers. This means that every passenger can enjoy having a window seat and the bags can be stored comfortably.


Proffessionalism, dedication, and integrity are some of the core values that underpin the business of contour safaris.Contour safaris established it’s self as a powerful and reliable company that guarantees quality, competitive prices and consistence. Customer services, innovation, flexibility, accessibility as well as eco tourism are some of core values of the company.


Contour safari is made up of competent and capable staff members who are highly eligible drivers as well as tour guides and tour leaders. They all possess the academic qualifications years of reliable experience. Among us we speak different languages including English, Dutch, Swahili, Luganda, Kinyarwanda and other local languages found across East Africa and this has managed to empower us as contour safaris to handle all our guests in a very satisfactory way