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Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (Uwec) Day Tour

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (Uwec) Day Tour

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Located just a few minutes from the Entebbe International airport is the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, commonly known as Entebbe Zoo. The Centre was founded in 1952 as a reception center for injured, rescued injured animals in distress, and confiscated from Entebbe International airport and other parts of the country. It became a trust in 1994, and thus it became the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre. Later in 2015 became a fully-fledged government statutory body and had its name slightly transformed to the Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre. It currently has 54 species and 283 animals under its care, with its primary mandate being conservation education.

The Centre is open all year round and offers visitors unique opportunities to learn more about the country’s biodiversity and wildlife. From a regular walk-around tour around the Centre (Zoo) to the behind-the-scenes experience, chimpanzee, close-up, and keeper for a day program, the Centre offers its visitors unique opportunities to learn and cultivate the love for conservation and nature in every visitor that walks through its gates


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Behind the Scenes experience
The Behind the Scenes visitor experience guarantees a two-hour educative adventure that offers special inside-look tours and experiences in close-to-natural animal settings. Through a close and personal encounter with the animals (Lions, African Elephant, White Rhino, Shoebill stock, Cheetahs, African rock python, Leopard), etc., guests learn how the animals at UWEC are taken care of. This experience offers thrilling but fun adventures with the animals, striking an even deeper love and commitment to conserving them. It entails hand feeding giraffes, feeding and petting the white rhinos, elephant feeding or petting, up close with the endangered Shoebill stork, and the adrenaline rush of cheetah petting, to mention but a few.

Dates and Time:
This activity can be arranged on every day of the week. The experience can be set up anytime between 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. The activity starts with a brief introduction by one of the caregivers, who shall also be your guide.

Prior reservation and health clearance are required!

Chimpanzee close-up
The Chimpanzee close-up offers an hour-long face-to-face experience and encounter with our closest cousin in a semi-natural environment. With proven valid health proof with vaccination certificates, have an up-close encounter with our closest relatives through a feeding, play, and petting experience. We believe that through this experience, one learns the animals’ behavior, feeding, and survival skills, which help stimulate attitude change, thus promoting conservation efforts to save the few remaining individuals in the world. Also, through this experience, get to listen to an informative chimp talk from the dedicated caregivers and get ready to be groomed by the infants for an hour. Do you believe they can hold a cup, peel a banana or ask for more food? Discover all these and much more when you serve or watch them having breakfast, and discover what a unique opportunity one should not miss in their lifetime!

Dates and Time:
This activity can be arranged on every day of the week and commences every morning at 7.30 am. The activity starts with a brief introduction by one of the animal caregivers, who shall also be your guide for the day.

Prior reservation and health clearance are required!

Normal tour
You can decide to walk around the Centre by yourself, or you can get a guide to guide you through the different animal exhibits at the Centre. Animals you are likely to see include: Lions, Leopard, Giraffes, Cape buffalo, Warthogs, White Rhinos, Cheetahs, Crocodiles, otters, shoebills, and different bird species, etc. you can carry along with you a camera and binoculars in case you are interested in birds.

Zoo Keeper for a Day program
Engage yourself in the day-to-day tasks of a Zookeeper. Under this program, you clean animal exhibits and dens, prepare and feed animals, and give education keeper talks to the public with the help of an experienced keeper. Get to know how Zoo animals are taken care of!!


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