Cultural and Historical Sites in Uganda

By Joseph Ogwang 30 Aug 2022

A number of historical sites in and around Kampala relate to a time of dramatic changes in the late 19th century when the Baganda encountered Islamic traders, British colonialists and missionaries. Several of these stand on the city’s original seven hills, notably, the protestants cathedral on Namirembe hill, the catholic cathedral on Rubaga, Fort Lugard at old Kampala and the kabaka’s palace at Lubiri , kasubi and wamala tombs, katereke prison ditch, Naggalabi coronation site and the Namugongo martyr’s shrine. Contemporary culture comes to life at Kampala’s Ndere centre, where a regular programme of events presents colourful displays of music and dance from around the country. Uganda has many various regions with different tribes and these include Buganda, Toro, Karamoja, Busoga, Bunyoro, Ankore, Gishu and so many others. All these regions bear uniqueness in nature.

Pope Uganda Martyrs shrine

The Baganda are the most numerous people. They are also proud of their kabaka (king) and they perform so many rituals. There are also Bakonzo tribe who are the original natives of the Rwenzori Mountains, while the semuliki valley is inhabited by Bwamba tribe and the community of Batwa (pygmies). The country side of East Mountain lies in the kingdom of Toro (home of the Batoro).


The Batwa

On the southwest of Uganda are the Bakiga tribe who are hard working farmers who shaped the region’s distinctive landscape of steep terraced hills and they are the original natives of Bwindi hills.

Batwa (pygmies) also inhabited the margins of Bwindi and Mgahinga forest and they are good story tellers about the history of these forests as well as the ancient regime. Fascinating forest walks provide insights into their traditional life style. In the northern part of the country lie are the karamajong who are cattle keepers. They are also known for their unique character of drinking milk mixed with fresh cow blood and they perform many unique cultural rituals. Still in northern Uganda there is also the Acholi tribe, these people are famously known for their unique cultural dances (over like 53 of them). Among the dances are Larakaraka, Bwola, Ding Ding among others. This group of people are said to be the original descendants of Gipir and Labong, plus many other tribes which have exciting uniqueness in nature.

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