Top uganda safari destinations and tour attractions

By Joseph Ogwang 30 Aug 2022



A world heritage site located in South-western Uganda, Bwindi is a sanctuary forchimpanzees, at least 348 species of birds, 220 butterfly species but most famous for itsmountain gorilla population. More than half of the world’s gorillas permanently live here.Bwindi impenetrable national park is undoubtedly the best point in the entire world to enjoy“the ultimate Gorilla Experience’’, the best wildlife experience ever.


In the Northern corner of Uganda lies this semi-arid park with an unlimited profusion ofgame. Navigating the dirt game tracks that lead through the golden grasses of this savannahpark presents repeated opportunities to see around 475 bird species, some of the 77 mammalspecies including zebras, elephants, lions, leopards, giraffes and the cheetahs with anassurance of plenty of cape buffalo. Kidepo is ’’the true African wilderness’’


Kibale is the finest place to get intimate with man’s closest relative the chimpanzee. Thismoist evergreen tropical forest park located in south-western Uganda is a home to 13 primatespecies and an additional 57 mammal species. Kibale national park links up with theneighbouring Queen Elizabeth national park in an 180km-long corridor, flora and birdsspecies are not hard to find in Kibale, but this park is most popular for its residentchimpanzee population. Kibale surely qualifies to be,’’ the primate capital of the world’’


Closest to the capital city and smallest of the country’s savannah national parks, Uganda’sLake Mburo has countless jewels condensed within her park borders, why she has repeatedlybeen referred to as ‘’a compacted gem’’, At least 350 bird species have been sighted hereadding to your safari game favourites like the leopards, zebra, giraffes, hippopotamus,crocodile, and baboon. Whisper to the wild and hear it whisper back in a choral tune. We callLake Mburo national park ’’the whispers of the wild’’


For an extinct volcano that erupted millions of years ago, you might expect nothing much,but Elgon beats the odds by erupting with an abundance of ‘’wild life’’.This is the world’s largest volcanic base but it does not end at holding world records. Elgonoffers visitors at least 300 species of birds, several mammal species including the forestmonkeys, and elephants that live on the mountainside. Adding to the priceless views fromabove and the fascinating vegetation, Elgon offers guests a healthy bonus of half of Uganda’sbutterfly species.


Located in south-western Uganda at the junction of several climatic and ecological zones,Semuliki national park has a very high diversity of plant and animal species and maymicrohabitats, some of which are endemic to central Africa. 53 mammal species includingthe hippopotamus, elephant, leopards and forest buffalos are found here. Inside the park,visitors can also take a trek to the Sepaya hot springs. Most notably, this park is more popularfor its 441 bird species and that’s why is known as the ‘’the true birders’ haven’’.


Call them the ‘’mountains of the moon’’, or the mountaineers’ delight or the third highestpoint in Africa with snow-capped peaks not so far from the equator line, call them theRwenzori mountain. Sitting at about 2,500 metres above sea level, a world heritage site calledRwenzori mountains national park protects some of the world’s most iconic species of faunaand flora. The park protects mammals like the elephants, chimpanzee, the Rwenzori otter andthe sporadic leopard has been sighted adding to 12 endemic mammal species. Whether herefor a mystical challenge to the summit or in pursuit to the rare three horned chameleon, or fora cultural visit to the neighbouring Bakonzo community or a visit to the botanical gardensthat forms Rwenzori national park, this world heritage site is far from the ordinary.


Home to over 95 mammal species and over 600 species of birds 11 types of kingfishers,Queen Elizabeth national park is Uganda’s most visited national park. Located in westernUganda, and guarded by the firm escarpments of the East African rift valley, this park stagesa vast variety of ecosystems including the semi-deciduous tropical forests, green meadows,savannah and swamps. The park has fascinating geographical features with crater lakes thathave won Uganda international accolades, but she is more popular for the tree climbing lionsin the southern sector. For this and more added together, Makes Queen Elizabeth ‘’themedley of wonder’’.


Named by the British explorer Sir Samuel Baker in 1864 after Roderick Murchison, who wasthen the president of the ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY. Murchison falls NationalPark is not only Uganda’s largest protected area but also one of the country’s most populartourist destinations. In its combined ecosystem of grasslands, wooded savannah, tropicalforests, wetlands, and open water, Murchison falls national park not only shelters 476 birdsspecies, but is also home to at least 109 mammal species including four of the big fiveanimals apart from the rhino. You have not been to this park if you haven’t stood at the top of’’the world’s most powerful waterfalls’’ the Murchison falls.


The gold and shimmering Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Mgahinga is Uganda’s share ofthe conservation area and therefore shelters some of the world’s mountain gorillas makingher another place in Uganda to enjoy a gorilla tracking safari. On a tour to Mgahinga youcan also visit the enchanting Batwa (pygmies) community for an experience of history in thepresent. It is indeed where gold meets silver. And in this national park gorillas live in thesame habitat with the golden monkeys. The park derives its name from ’’Gahinga’’ aKinyarwanda word for a pile of volcanic lava stone heaps around where cultivation is carriedout. While at the top of Sabinyo (means the old man’s teeth), you get to be/ set foot in allthe three countries i.e. Uganda, DRC, and Rwanda at the same time. Its view of the volcanoesand gorges with the cool breeze of freshness is unrivalled.This park also shelters about 79 bird species, the forest elephants but is even more popular forthe rare golden monkeys. In Mgahinga National park you can see monkeys with gleamingcoats and mountain gorillas with ‘’silver backs’’. That’s why this little park is ‘’ where Goldmeets silver’’


Kampala is the bustling capital of Uganda. With a population exceeding a million, Kampalais by far Uganda’s largest urban centre. The fast growing city has a distinctive setting, spreadacross a series of prominent hills close to Lake Victoria. Although Kampala has longoutgrown the historical title of the city of seven hills, the original seven summits remainimportant focal points, topped by distinctive landmarks of cultural, religious and colonialsignificance.

Kampala is an extremely safe city to explore and visitors should be sure to experience thestriking contrasts within the city centre on the slopes of Nakasero hill. Above Kampala road,the main thoroughfare, leafy avenues are lined by restored colonial buildings-many occupiedby quality hotels, restaurants and brand new office buildings. Kampala offers a wide choiceof accommodation including several five star hotels, decent mid range hotels and popularback packer hostels. This sector was greatly expanded prior to the Kampala common wealthsummit in 2007.


Offering tranquillity on the shores of Lake Victoria, Entebbe is a small, quiet town with adiminutive centre laid out between the hilltop state house, the official residence of thepresident of Uganda and the lake shore golf course.Entebbe’s lake shore botanical gardens are home to tropical trees, birds and monkeys, whilethe nearby wildlife education centre provides a sanctuary for rescued wildlife. Entebbe also isa launching point for trips to Ngamba island chimpanzee sanctuary, resorts on the ssesearchipelago and for sport fishermen seeking the mammoth Nile perch.


Sitting in the foothill of Mt Elgon and overlooking a vast plain, sipi falls is one of the mostarguably beautiful chains of waterfalls in Uganda. There are three levels, and though thesmaller two are beautiful. Its 95m main drop attracts visitors to this area, and most of sipi’slodges looks out over it. It’s well worth spending a night or two in this spectacular scenic andpeaceful place.


One of the most spectacular scenic lakes in Uganda, Bunyonyi (place of many little birds)contains 29 islands and many of them are inhabited and terraced for agriculture.


This scenic lake lies in the north of kisoro and it is a relaxing place. While at kisoro you cantrack mountain gorillas in the nearby Bwindi impenetrable forest. With the misty virungavolcanoes as a backdrop and ringed by papyrus swamp, there are plenty of hikes, birdwatching and so many other activities to be enjoyed around this lake.


Jinja has a vibrant downtown and broad leafy residential streets set next to river Nile. Unlikebefore, tourism in this place has grown to compete with the manufacturing past of the town asnearby water sports draw visitors from the entire world. In this place you can get your fix ofkayaking, white water rafting, bungee jumping horseback riding and mountain biking.


Set to a large plateau between the mountains of Sudan and the eastern rift escarpment ofKenya, karamoja is a home to proudly unique people still surviving as pastoralists. Theclimate in this area is dry and windswept but reveals beautiful panoramas, watching thesunset over the mountain peaks is one of the most spectacular scenic moments in this areaand you wouldn’t like to miss the amazi

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